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What To Say…

February 26, 2010

It has been a busy week.

The highlight of it all was our visit to Butterfly World. Lou lent me his spare Canon 5D (he recently upgraded) and a beautifully fast 85mm lens. Apart from the body being so heavy (I am used to my little Rebel) and needing to get used to the different controls, it was awesome! I finally looked at the pictures today and found a great shot of a hummingbird in flight. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately (for me), the majority of my time this week was dedicated to learning Quicken. It was quite the battle, but I think I have triumphed in the end. Perhaps by the end of next week I will be ready for the next step of tax preparation. Yay.

I would rather be at the zoo.

Now, I sit here watching the Olympics and jotting down a few thoughts. It is almost bedtime and tomorrow we return to our life of making kids happy. I am not too sure what the weather will hold, but there it is.

The computer across the room has announced it is Ten O’Clock. So I sign off. Good night, internet. See you on Monday!

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