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Mermaids Behind the Bar

February 19, 2010

This evening we were invited to see some mermaids swim.

It was actually quite a remarkable thing. Down in Fort Lauderdale at the Sheraton is The Wreck Bar. There really is not that much seating, which makes sense seeing as it is, in truth, a bar. There are fish tanks all along the walls and doubloons and sea shells embedded in the tables. The tank behind the bar itself, however, is actually the pool.

At 6:30, the three mermaids appeared. They swam back and forth, did flips, and waved and winked at us through the glass. It really was quite remarkable to see. They were in there for about half an hour. I could not believe how long they were holding their breath. But then I have a hard time opening my eyes underwater at all, so there was much that impressed me about the whole thing!

I had a great time and hopefully got a few good shots out of it. I know Patrick had a good time, too. Speaking to Jim afterward he was saying how mermaid swimming is a dying art. How in the sixties it was quite the thing to see on the tourist scene in Florida. And how there were shows like this everywhere, not just in the tropics. Fascinating stuff!

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