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FlaRF Miami ’10, Weekend Two

January 17, 2010

Darn this weather.

Saturday was beautiful, but extremely windy. I suppose it is to be expected when you are on the beach. And I know that if the wind had stopped, it would probably have been unbearably hot (I am a wimp, I know). But sheesh. It was windy!

It was a great day though. The audience came in slow and steady all morning, and our afternoon shows were hugely attended. We had a great time. We had fun kids and crazy parents. We had them cheering and booing and laughing. That was very exciting. We were looking forward to what the next three days would hold.

Then Sunday happened. Our first show went well, we were looking forward to those afternoon shows again. Until the rain started.

It was supposed to breeze through. It was supposed to hit once and then be done with it. It was not supposed to rain on and off until shortly before closing.

Darn this weather.

We did our shows. One with finger puppets to a rather amused, bumbershooted crowd. Our last show we had enough people to do the show and then some. And even though it rained halfway through and we all got soaked (again), they stuck through it and had a great time.

What an awesome audience.

Still, darn this weather.

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