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Beach Walks

January 15, 2010

Another nice day on the beach! Patrick and I went for a morning walk. We went north until the beach ran out. It was a little windy, but a glorious morning otherwise. Finally, the weather is more… Floridian.

On the way, we saw many of these vulture-like birds that are always circling. I am not sure that is actually what they are. They sort of have the same shape, but their heads are not as… unattractive as other vultures I have seen have. But then I saw another kind of bird of prey. I think it looked falcon-like, and Patrick thinks it may have been an Osprey. This calls for a trip to google! Or maybe I can look at some iStock photos as part of my project… Now there is an idea.

This beach is so beautiful. And to be right next to it is great. When the wind dies down a little and stops ruffling the tarp (very noisy. Bad, tarp, bad.), we can hear the ocean in the tent. And the whuffing of the horses, but that is something else that is a happy thing.

Of course, maybe part of what makes this experience so great is being right here with the people we are with. Kate and Roy are like family and I, for one, feel very safe here with them. Or little (hee…) tent is boxed in by wonderful things: Horses on one side, the beach on another, the faire site on the third, and finally the trailers and tent of the jousters. It is so cozy and happy.

This evening, we had hamburgers for dinner outside. The open air, the wind and the water, good company, good conversation. Then we crowded into Kate & Roy’s trailer and watched Two and a Half Men. What a great way to spend a Friday evening!

Just before bed, Patrick and I took a quick visit to the beach. I love being able to do that.  It is not like when my family would go camping at the beach when I was younger. A quick walk to the beach meant about a ten minute stroll. If we walk slowly it can take us a whole minute to get to the ocean.

We stood there as the water rolled in and out, looking at the stars. There are not many to be seen what with all the lights coming off Miami, and even Key Biscayne. But I saw Orion and the Little Dipper. I do not know many constellations by name, so it is nice to see ones I know.

It was a nice day.

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