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Early Mornings and Bratwurst.

January 14, 2010

Today began with a glorious sunrise.

Patrick came back from the bathroom to tell me that there was a lovely glow over the beach. I was not quite awake yet, and grumbled a great deal. But eventually I wandered out with my camera. Patrick stayed cozy in bed at first, but he eventually joined me, too. That made me happy. I would rather share these sort of moments than not.

We continued to explore Key Biscayne, little by little, in our never-ending quest for free wi-fi. We like the restaurant we found, but today it was busy at lunch and we do not want to never go anywhere else. So we continued along the main drag, my laptop open and looking for a wireless signal that matched the name of a restaurant we passed. We finally stopped at a juice bar that actually had yummy wraps and smoothies. Although, Patrick did get us a shot of wheat grass to share. Nothing like feeling like a cow every time you burp. :P

This evening, Patrick and I had Tommy and Tom over, so to speak. We got some charcoal and some bratwurst and found a barbecue down by the playground that was vaguely clean. I should have looked for one that was both clean and shielded from the wind. I was concerned at first that the wind would prevent us from having enough flame to get the coals going. But thanks to Patrick and lighter fluid, everything turned out ok. And boy was it delicious!

The best part is knowing I can barbecue without a propane grill. It is something I have wanted to try for some time; there is something wonderful about food that has been cooked over charcoal. And now that I know I can, I want to do it again! And again! Perhaps steak or chicken next week… marinated, of course… Mmm.

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