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Avatar Wednesday

January 13, 2010

Patrick and I finally were able to see Avatar today. We went for the IMAX 3-D version.

I, for one, really enjoyed the film. Ok, so the basic plot may not have been the most original thing ever to grace the big screen (my personal favorite interpretation is Ferngully meets Terminator). But I thought the telling of the story to be enjoyable and compelling.

And, boy, was it visually stunning!  I loved how subtle the 3-D effects were. Sure, there were the classic gimmicks that are in everything like this (floaty dandelion fluffs that almost tickle your nose…). What was impressive was the depth in every scene. It felt like we were simply on the other half of a room full of people, that the forest really would go on forever.

That was awesome.

Patrick’s Windows 7 upgrade is going to drive me crazy. … Well, let me correct. Getting his Blackberry to work as a modem with the required Verizon software on Windows 7 is going to drive me crazy. Everything else seems to be working so well as of yet. Better than so well, in fact.

Why can’t this?!

Argh. I will try again in the morning. See how that goes.

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