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How the Winds Do Blow

January 10, 2010

Ok, and I thought the rain was bad. Today was brutal with that windchill of 15-20 degrees. When the wind would die down for ever-so-brief moments, it was actually quite pleasant. But then it would come back and the moments would be ruined.

However, bless ‘em, people came out today! We had four singing shows, which is fun and all but nothing passes time on a festival day like doing our real shows. Also keeps the blood going with all that bouncing around. It is days like today that make me want to learn a performable skill.

We did see several friends who come to the Deerfield Beach show (which is about an hour north of here and about a month from opening!). That was nice.

As we walked back to camp for lunchtime, Patrick and I saw a beautiful thing. The ocean was the most stunning turquoise! White caps dotted the surface. It was breathtaking. Is it not wonderful how beauty can be found in the most challenging of times?

(Even so, I am very much looking forward to the weather turning around. My fingers are numb as I type this and the wind continues to howl. I would rather hear the sound of the ocean than the sound of our tarp rustling.)

I sent Patrick back to the tent at the end of the day with our lunch bag and thermos while I put things away. We would meet at the pub tent for pub sing shortly. As I wound the power cord for our mic boxes, I heard someone making bird noises. Looking up, peeking over the backdrop of our stage, was Ace!

Ace is a falcon, a kestrel I believe. And he is my favorite falcon ever. He is tiny and I love him! We walked by the falconry area today and he was so fluffed up because of the cold! Adorable! Ray, the falconer, said he was on his way home while feeding Ace (who munched away the whole time) and he ran into my “man” who asked him to come visit me. Ace has such beautiful markings. He kept spreading his tail, which I assume was to help battle the winds while he perched on Ray’s hand.

That little visit made the afternoon better. Still cold! But warm on the inside.

I have a thoughtful husband. :)

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