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Last Day of Vacation

January 8, 2010

What a day off! … Well, it was not, really.

After sleeping in sort of, Patrick and I started off our day by going to the bath house and having lovely, COLD showers. We found out shortly that the power had gone out in the administrative buildings in the park, and apparently that includes the bath house. Which is better than our initial thought that it was going to be a long two and a half weeks!

Then, after getting half registered (again, the power issues) and our props unloaded at our stage, we ventured into Key Biscayne in search of breakfast! Which may as well have been lunch, since it was already 11:00. We ended up at a little bakery called La Boulangerie. Yum!

After that, we went back to Jouster Camp to help out with a promo. Patrick got in basic costume and helped squire while I tended to Lulu. She cracks me up (she is three) and I think I got the better half of the deal. Then it was time to get back on the road to get our last-minute supplies, some for the weekend and some for the full run. It turned out to be a lovely day and Patrick and I shared a sundae. Yum! Again!

When we got home, Patrick unloaded the car (completely!) and started to get the tarp atop the tent while I attempted organizing our stuff into a space too small to hold it. This was interrupted by the cast, vendor, and crew meeting for the festival.  We then waited in line for our passes (power had come back) and by the time we got back to the tent, it was quite dark. We did our best to finish up (I finally resorted to putting things back in the car), took our showers (hot water this time), and were ready for bed!

But I had promised Patrick a walk on the beach, not realizing the unpacking/sorting business would take quite so long. So we got our coats on and wandered on down, trying to stay out of the water and enjoying the patterns on the sand. It was not a long walk, but it was a pleasant one. The Atlantic stretched farther than we could see and the stars peeked out between the fluffy clouds.

That was the best part of the day, and a great note on which to end our time off.

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