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Let’s Get Going!

January 5, 2010

Our 2010 Season is just around the corner, but it came so quick it hardly feels like a different one from 2009. I am not certain I am ready, either. I am pretty sure I packed everything, but I have this nagging feeling I forgot something. What could it be?

We have blueberry muffins from scratch waiting on top of the suitcases to have for breakfast. That would be the breakfast on the plane after we take off and, hopefully, catch a few zees. Or should that be “z”s? Hm.

I really should be trying to sleep now. But I feel so wound up, I wonder if I will be able once I put my laptop in the bag. If we got into a car now and started driving as we usually do, by the time our flight takes off tomorrow we would already be out of the state. Of course, the plane would catch up and pass us by in very little time! So that is not such a great idea. But at least we would be on the way!

Have I mentioned I have a little anxiety before we get on the road? :) I’ll be fine tomorrow. I think I will go try to wait it out with my eyes closed, though. :)

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