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Liver Mousse? Really?

January 3, 2010
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I spent the day catching up on a back-log of Good Eats episodes I had set to record while we were away for our long trip. It truly would make sense to just buy the entire dvd set, although I understand it is no longer available in the numbered episode format. Not sure how I feel about that, exactly.

In addition to providing entertaining background noise as I did dishes and mopped the house (days like today make me miss carpeting), I also found myself wanting to drop everything and bake. I only have two more days left in my own kitchen until late March!! The flour I bought just before Christmas for all my cookie making could go rancid by then!! Just because it is in an air-tight container does not guarantee survival!

Pound cake!


Chocolate chip cookies! Thin ones, chewy ones, ones with nuts, ones with chunks!

Then there were the other cooking options… From roasts to dips to sauces… Plus all the options in the cookbooks in the kitchen… Oh, the endless possibilities…

The last episode I watched included a recipe for liver mousse. Admittedly, the thought of actual livers is not all that appealing. But I do like liverwurst. And I tried some phenomenal liver pâté in Louisiana. So now I am curious. Could I make it? Would I like it? Would anyone else I know eat it? Is it separation anxiety because I will be leaving my kitchen and my cast iron skillet behind?

And I was the picky one growing up. Who would have thought.

I will put that thought on the back burner at least for the next couple of months. Tomorrow, I am taking my Crockpot on it’s native voyage and Tuesday will probably inspire something that will provide leftovers we can travel with and eat for lunch.

At least I do not have to pack the car! :)

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