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I Didn’t Do It.

January 2, 2010

No, really. It was not me.

Our day was consumed by a Murder Mystery Party. After breakfast, Patrick and I went to the store and, when we got home, immediately started in on the cooking. The theme was Mardi Gras, so naturally food played a great part.

Shoot. I forgot to take pictures of the food. Oh well.

It was a really good time. There is something special about being able to host a party at your own home. Well, not even really hosting a party so much as having company. Cleaning up is a bear, but when it is all done there is a certain satisfaction to that as well.

Patrick practiced his Cajun accent. It got better as the evening progressed. He had to channel Bob telling a joke before it really worked. I can only do a couple of phrases, and even that takes severe concentration on my part. I wish I could do some accents better. As it was, I played around with a French one. It was a little hard to tell whether that was the appropriate choice, but when your character is to wear a French maid outfit and her family comes from France… odds do point in that direction.

Secret time… I made a King Cake. I know, I know. It is not supposed to be done before Epiphany. Well, too bad! It was a good recipe (I found it here), and halving it was perfect for 9 people. I only had to put one piece away in the fridge!

And I got to use yeast! That was very exciting for me. I love the idea of making breads and having the dough tucked away in a warm spot to rise. And the smell of dough… Oh so lovely! The best part is that I have two packets left over! And since yeast does not last forever, I will just have to use it. Oh darn. Time to find a good Brötchen recipe!

Also, I admit it… I am so tempted by Squarespace.

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