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A Hearty Welcome to 2010.

January 1, 2010

Well, here we are again. Another year, another season waiting just around the corner. Even as I lay in bed, my own bed at my own house, I am already thinking ahead to a week from now when I will be tucking in… in a tent.

Ah, the glamour.

With any luck, there will be neither lizards under the rain fly nor frogs in the showers. Although from previous experience I must expect salamanders in bathtubs. Poor Patrick.

As much as I try not to think too far ahead (there is plenty of work to do here before we fly out on Wednesday!), I am already feeling the anxiety that comes with getting ready to travel. I often get to the point where I would rather just leave early than wait. Once we are on the road, everything is zippy. It is the waiting that gets me.

I feel the same way about the Tower of Terror. The anticipation as we sit at the top of the ride behind closed doors is much worse than the actual drop.

I do have my resolutions under way! The success which will boil down to one thing: time management. I am far too easily distracted by other things, new “projects” and shiny things especially. Maybe I need to invest in another day planner. Or start creating daily lists. Or, perhaps, I should set my alarm clock… Hmm…

Tomorrow holds the first Murder Mystery Party of the year. I am dearly looking forward to that! Is it morbid to enjoy them so much? Our current kit comes with a second mystery for another date. And Bree just bought another kit for next time. So, we are set for a while. But one of these days we will have to write our own. And by “we” I mean “mostly Patrick”. He tells great stories of the one he wrote for his friends. It is an alluring prospect.

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