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JoNell vs. the Blackberries: Round Five

August 18, 2009

I have a cast iron skillet, and I know how to use it!

I also really like to use it and want to do more with it than fry chicken.  Once again turning to Alton Brown, I chose totry his grunt recipe.  I honestly cannot recall whether I have seen the episode in which this is made, but it sure looked good!

Unexpectedly, we were out of buttermilk.  I thought I had seen two whole containers in the morning when I checked the fridge, but I guess I saw wrong.  So I did the trick of adding a little lemon juice to regular milk and letting it sit for a few minutes and was good to go!  Hooray!

Once that problem was solved, the dough came together quite nicely, if stickily.  I tried a bit and it tasted like a good biscuit dough, if a little saltier than I would have expected or preferred.  I grew up omitting salt from baking recipes but have come to th

e conclusion that it does serve a purpose.  I can never remember what that purpose is, but I know there is one!

Into the fridge that went as I tackled the stove-top portion of my grunt.  My goodness, it sure seemed like a great deal of sugar!  As it bubbled and congealed, I contemplated the prospect of having to wait for it to cool enough to eat.  That really is the hardest challenge about baking.  I much prefer to eat it NOW.  But then I burn my tongue.  And often my fingers.  The trials of liking

dessert, I tell you.


I was using a 12 inch skillet rather than the prescribed 10 inch skillet, for the 12 inch is all I have.  I need not have worried that there would not be enough dough to spread completely or the blackberry layer would be too thin.  All was well into the oven and back out again!


Finally it was time to serve!  My one regret was not having any vanilla ice cream to go with it.  Patrick had the last of the vanilla soy ice cream (which never did taste quite right), but I wanted a big ol’ scoop of hand churned vanilla.  Oh well.


The whole experience was rather fun!  The one drawback: be prepared to either look like a zombie for the evening or to brush your teeth immediately.  For whatever reason, eating these blackberries stains your mouth in a way no other blackberry dessert I have ever had has done.  It was quite impressive.  My guess is it has something to do with the way the blackberries are cooked in all that sugar.  But that’s just a guess.  :)

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