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JoNell vs. the Blackberries: Round Four

August 15, 2009

Even though it had been a long day at faire, I was still determined to make those pies.  I had made enough of the blackberry filling concoction yesterday to fill more than twice as many pies as had actually been made.  Now it was just sitting in the fridge, waiting to be used.  Why wait?

This time, I turned back to where I should have started in the first place.  I initially was going to use Alton Brown’s crust recipe with the toaster pastry option.  But not willing to be defeated by these pie things, I chose to attempt the actual pocket pies.  The crust came together much easier than last night’s experiment and there was no chilling in the refrigerator required.  I like that.  Makes for slightly more instant gratification.

One thing I found better about this recipe is it required less filling in each pie (1-2 Tbsp. vs. 1/2 cup).  With less filling to fold around, there was less purpling of the seams.  There was a little leakage from one or two as they sat on the cookie sheet waiting to be filled, but the more I did the easier it became.

After filling the first sheet and sticking them in the oven, I started on the second set.  These ones I decided to cook in the toaster oven as an experiment, especially since there were only three left as opposed to eight.  The other thing I realized that it may have been the blackberries being so juicy that were causing so many troubles.  So I dumped what was left of the mixture into a colander to drain off some of the excess.

Apparently something I should have probably done in the first place.  The mixture did let off a great deal of juice over night in the fridge.  Silly me.  All in all, it went very well.  Instead of an oozy mess I had a couple of squirts here and there and only one seam actually broke open enough to start losing actual blackberries.  Hooray me!

More blackberry hand pies!

I noticed no real difference between the ones baked in the oven and the ones baked in the toaster oven beyond the toaster oven ones having much less leakage issues.  Definitely drain as much juice as possible!  I also had chosen to dock the tops with a fork as opposed to cutting slits in the top (being concerned about juice seepage out the top).  In hindsight, I think bigger holes in the top may have helped prevent some of of the seepage.  Perhaps too much pressure inside caused the breaking of the seals?  Of course, they could also have just been too juicy.

The only way to find out for certain?  Do it again!

Poor Patrick.  He’ll have to eat more.

**Aug. 16, 2009: They cooled very well over night, not being floppy or soggy at all.  I stuck a couple in a zip lock bag and tossed them in our cooler.  After a long day of shows and street work, they quite the afternoon snack!  Still not soggy at all!

**Aug. 17, 2009: Stick ’em in the toaster oven for a minute or two to warm and they are a pretty good breakfast option as well.  Assuming they will last that long…

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