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JoNell vs. the Blackberries: Round Two

August 14, 2009

After much searching the internet, I finally decided to go with the scone recipe found on the blog, This Engineer Can Bake.  The idea of combining a little bit of that lemony tang with my blackberries appealed to my taste buds.  And yet, I initially hesitated to use this one because it required heavy cream.  And I had none in my fridge.  Alas.

But using the ever popular Google option up there in the corner of my browser I quickly discovered an option for faking some of my own!  Phew!  Butter went into a pot for melting, stirred in flour for a faux roux (I think the flour-butter ratio was off for a “proper” roux but that’s what the people who suggested this concoction kept calling it).  Added in the milk, brought it to a boil, reduced the heat, and whisked until it thickened a little.  Back into the measuring cup and voila!  Just over a cup of the stuff was in the fridge to cool.  Whether it would work or not remained to be seen.

As I assembled the rest of the ingredients and realized that I also had no lemon to zest.  Well, shoot.  Not wanting to go to the store (at that point, I’d also have to get the cream which would defeat the point of my previous experiment.  What can I say?  It made sense in my head), I opted for a squirt of lemon juice in place of the zest.

Everything came together quite nicely.  I forgot to save some of the “cream” for brushing on top to make the sugar stick.  But, at that point, I was so excited about eating one that I really did not mind.


I admit, they did turn out a bit more purpley-blue than I had hoped (though I do not think you could tell from the picture). Still, they were soft and moist and oh so delicious!  I am amazed they lasted long enough for me to take a picture of one.

And now… what is next…

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