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JoNell vs. the Blackberries: Round Three

August 14, 2009

It was me:2, blackberries:1.  I should have known it was only a matter of time.

In my search for an appropriate scone recipe to try, I came across a couple of options for little personal pies.  Like the ones you buy 5 for $1 at the Hostess outlet stores that are probably ancient and covered in a crumbly, over-sweet glaze.  Surely I could make something akin to this.  And with tomorrow being a work day, what a nice treat that would be to bring along for an afternoon snack!

I had two options before me, both found at The Food Network.  The first was Alton Brown’s recipe from the “Pie in Every Pocket” episode.  The second was a recipe taken from a restaurant, with the “this recipe not tested by the food network kitchens” disclaimer on the bottom.  Instinct told me to go with the first, but I felt I really should give other people’s recipes a try.  After all, as it is often said, what could go wrong?


I actually followed this recipe quite precisely.  Everything seemed to be coming together swimmingly.  I was excited, comfortable with the prospects.  Then I began rolling and cutting out my circles.  I barely eked out four.  I should have had eight!  Forsooth! What had happened?  I did not know, but bravely carried on.

My four pies did ok in the making.  Something was not right, though.  During the chilling session, some of the edges were turning purple from the blackberry juice.  I was nervous, and rightly so.  During the baking, I turned on the oven light to peek at what was going on.  Slowly but surely, I found blackberry juice seeping every which way in a big, oozy mess.

This was just the beginning of the oozing blackberry juice.  If only it had stopped there, alas.

This was just the beginning of the oozing blackberry juice. If only it had stopped there, alas.

I was so disheartened. :(  I did not even bother taking a picture of them when they came out of the oven.  They tasted fine, thank goodness, but there was no hand eating for these puppies!  No snack for us tomorrow, but a yummy evening treat it did make. :)

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