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Grant’s Farm

May 29, 2009

Oh my!

Unfortunately, due to the length of time it took Patrick to get his funny together for the smoker, Laira was not able to join us.  Which was just as well considering how long it took us to get there.

Fie upon you, I-64 construction!  I never knew it could take so long to travel 11 miles.

We stopped first at the National Historic Site at White Haven, the family home of Grant’s wife Juila Dent.  It was very interesting, and I wish I had not been falling into the dearth of energy that is JoNell being hungry.  Hopefully we will be able to get back next week for a more thourough visit.  But, as time is running out, we shall have to see.

It is an $11 per car entry fee for getting into Grant’s Farm.  The highlight of which was supposed to be visitng Grant’s Cottage which had been transplanted from the original location.  All we got was a long look from the safety of the tour train.  Boo.

We looked at The Clydesdales (as in Budweiser).  I got to pet one and he had a very pink tongue.  He was quite beautiful and loved me.  In one of the fields were some little Clydesdales, still too young to have grown their furry feet.  They were SO soft and adorable!

Then it was time to board the train (waving at Grant’s Cottage as it went by) for the tour through the Anheiser-Busch menagarie.  It was lovely, but quite the odd collection.  Eventually we arrived at the petting zoo type area, heading straight to the Brathaus for lunch.  Over priced, middlin’ quality food, but I was hungry so it was delicious.  Could have used some fried onions. :)

Then I fed a llama and waved at the alpacas (one had been recently shorn… he had only his mop-top and leg warmers left.  It was sad) and the baby camels.  Then we went to see the goats.  Patrick bought a bottle of milk for me and one for Kelly and into the pen we went.

I say again, oh my!

It was so funny!  They went crazy, butting their heads and jumping up to get close.  Some started to nibble on my hair and my pants, which was funny too.  I tried to feed the littlest ones, and the big ones were so mean as they shoved the littler ones out of the way.  Shame on them.  Good times though.

That evening, we met up with Vince, Jeanine, Alex, and Charon at a Chocolate Cafe in O’Fallon.  Yum!  There’s trouble in them there shops…

As a side note, congrats to the Lakers for making it to the Finals.  Yay. :)

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