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LARF ’08: Final Weekend

December 7, 2008

I love it when we have a “golden show”.  I’m sure I say it every time, but wow!

It was our last Robin HoodRobin Hood has varying degrees of success.  It’s a little more of a challenge to bring it to success.  St. George just works.  Who knows why.  Maybe it is the time it’s had to work itself out, maybe the characters being more archetypal.  I don’t know for sure.  Whatever the case, St. George is just the stronger show.

Not today!  Our first and last shows, both St. George, were pretty good.  The kids were happy, the audience laughed, and we had a good time.

But that middle show, our last Robin Hood of the year…

It was spectacular!  When the kids take over the show, suddenly our job is no longer work.  It truly becomes a case of us just being there to help the story along.  The kids, they did the rest.  Robin Hood was grooving all over the place, having way too much fun.  They all hammed it up as much as they could.  Even our Sherrif was a goer.  :)  Life is good.

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