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LARF 2008, 5th Weekend: Ryan

November 30, 2008

After Paul’s first show, Patrick and I were getting ready to head over to the wine tasting and do street work.  Paul was talking to someone when Patrick went out on the stage.  As I finished getting everything we needed, I could hear the conversation going on.

“I’m Ryan.”

“Hi Ryan. I am Paolo.”

“Yeah. I saw your show.  I’m four.”

“Do you know who I am?” (Patrick)


“My name is Robin Hood.” At this point, I was out on the stage too, watching.

“Yeah. I saw your show too.  I like your stuff.” He points at the bow.

“Thank you.”

“You have a nice sword.  And another little sword.” He points some more.  They have this great little conversation about swords.

Now his parents were around.  They asked if they could have a picture.  Patrick asked Ryan if he wanted to wear a hat and put his hat on Ryan’s head.

I ran back stage and dug through a plastic bag.  We had a bunch of leftover felt Robin Hood hats from the Pubsing at Maryland.  After the picture, I told Ryan that Robin needed to have his hat back, but such a young man as he would make a wonderful Merry Man.  Patrick immediately agrees and asks him if he would like to be a Merry Man, be on Robin Hood’s team.

Nod nod.

We presented him with his own hat.  And gave one to his sister as well, who probably didn’t really mind one way or another as she couldn’t have been more than two.  He was so impressed.

He pointed out Patrick’s sword to his dad, so I told his mom where some of the less expensive ones were sold.  The boys wrapped up their conversations and off we went.

After we performed our bit at the wine tasting, we went up the hill and caught sight of Ryan and his family.  He and his sister both had their own swords.  Ryan’s dad was wearing his hat, apparently it kept flying off as they walked around the hill.  We stopped to talk to them and admired the fine swords.  This seemed to impress Ryan very much that we liked his choice in sword.

He was so cute.  They came to our next show, wearing their hats.  A little late, otherwise I would have attempted to get him into the show in some form.  But we shouldn’t play favorites so it’s just as well, I suppose.

Afterward, I pass the hat at the back of the house while Patrick stays on the stage.  Ryan came up to me and started talking about how he liked the show and then he started telling me about a game he has at home with rubberbands and you put all the pieces together and the marble goes (Mousetrap).  After we said goodbye, his dad apologized for him taking up so much time.

I told him to not worry about it at all.

It’s kids like Ryan that make this job loveable.  It’s kids like Ryan that make us want to come back tomorrow.  It’s kids like Ryan that we remember.

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