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Monumental Walking

September 2, 2008

Patrick decided we needed to have an adventure today.  I’m always up for that.  So we went to Panera for breakfast (that was not the adventure) and discussed our options.

We chose looking at the monuments in DC up close.  I’d never done it.  We’ve driven by a couple of times, but never got out of the car or even took drive-by pictures.  So into traffic we went.  And confusing directions from our GPS.  Which was unfortunate.

Parking was a special issue.  After driving up and down Constitution Avenue for ages we finally went up 14th to a parking lot under the Reagan Building.  Cost a pretty penny, but we could have gotten complimentary tire inflation!

We saw the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, geese, ducks, the White House (through the fence), the outside of Ford’s Theatre (reopening in February of 2009! Gee!), and the house where Lincoln died (which contains no original furniture).  And we saw everything one sees when walking from the first to the last.  Our map actually showed an aquarium, but where it was marked was actually where we parked.  So we took that as our cue to go home.

My favorite was the Korean War Memorial.  Those statues are profoundly interesting, and the way they reflect in the wall beside them, surrounded by the etched faces… It was peaceful and sad.

After everything but Ford’s Theatre and Lincoln’s deathbed, we had lunch at a little salad and sandwich chain called Cosi.  That was yummy!  Their prices are fair, especially considering they’re in a city, and the portions are worth the price.  I didn’t want to have to pick from the menu, so I had Patrick decide for a change.  I’m glad; what we at was so good.  And the air conditioning and cold drinks were just what was needed after all that sunshine and walking!

Pictures from the day are here.

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