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June 16, 2008

Now this was a fun show!

The Northern California Pirate Festival (find them over at: is a one weekender up in Vallejo, CA.  This was their second year and what a success it seems to be!  It’s a free festival on the waterfront, Father’s Day Weekend, and the people came in droves. And they were SO happy to be there!  Many ren faires have the challenge of customers not knowing what to expect, feeling overwhelmed or disinterested.  Which is understandable if you’ve never been or your friends have dragged you there.

This was different.  It’s pirate themed, which is easy to play with to start off with.  But the whole thing had a glorious street festival feel to it.  It wasn’t an odd little theme park where people talk funny, bombard you with interaction, and try to convince you of the affairs of state, as it were. Instead it was just a fun day with shopping, shows, and pirates!  You could almost expect the same energy if it was celebrating a Founders Day, or a Fourth of July fair, or something like that.  It was so refreshing.

For Patrick and I, it’s a nice rest from the Robin Hood gig to play pirates for a weekend.  We’d love to do more pirate stuff (any excuse to upgrade the costumes!), but it just doesn’t work out with our current schedule.  Still, between one thing and another the date was perfect for us this year.

Treasure Island is still a bit rough as far as shows go.  Mostly because we only do it once a year, if that.  There are some odd little kinks that need ironing, but it’s hard to do that without the audience participating.  And by the time we do it again, we’ve forgotten what it was we wanted to fix.  Still, we had rocking audiences and great kids.  Life is good.

I was stunned by how many people liked our costumes.  We’re in the most obnoxiously bright colors.  After all, we’re children’s entertainment.  We need to be fun and approachable!  And when Patrick’s walking around with his ship hat, what’s not to love.

And speaking of costumes… There were only a few Jack Sparrows (including Jack Spareribs, one of the stage acts), but there was a great Davy Jones wandering around!  Who’d have thought?

I sure hope we’re able to do this festival again next year.  It was a joy to be a part of.

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