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GSLRF ’08, Final Weekend

June 8, 2008

Patrick and were on walk around Satruday when we passed the booth with the pirate hats. Across the country, we see Jack Sparrows aplenty. That afternoon, I saw an EXCELLENT Captain Barbosa! He even had a little monkey on his shoulder. Too funny.

It was so hot this weekend, I was really looking forward to having a couple of Robin Hoods that we could douse with water. It’s just more fun when it’s hot. Generally, it works best when we’ve got a boy who is at that pre-teen age. For some reason, the audience just wants him to get it.

Well, we got one Robin Hood who was so excited to be in the show. SO excited to get wet. And about 6 years old. He was so cute. But he kept asking for it! What a trooper. I love our show.

We had dinner with Tracie, Preston, and Stephanie Sunday night. Not so much dinner, really, as a party while we watched the Lakers lose. Considering the end result of the game, I’m glad we watched with friends as opposed to watching on our own while packing. At least we had a fun night!

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