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Fried Chicken!

May 28, 2008

Patrick and I took Shannyn and many 40% off coupons to JoAnn Fabrics early this evening.  That was fun!  I needed material for a new pirate skirt.  I Commedia-ed my last one.  We did some running around just for the heck of it before stopping for a late dinner.

Shannyn took us to this place called King Edwards.  It’s somewhere between exits 227 and 228 on the North side of I-70.  Near a Shnucks and a farmer’s market.

Oh my!  That was some GOOD chicken!  Quite the little hole in the wall, but clean and friendly and busy!  Really busy.  They were closing in 15 minutes when we got there and the line was pretty long and people were coming in for chicken until the last possible minute.

It was perfectly cooked.  Just the right amount of moistness inside, crispily fried but not burned, lightly greasy (it IS fried chicken, after all) but not to the point that you feel dirty just for taking one bite.  Patrick and I had the green beans as a side and they were so good too!  Perfectly peppered!

Talk about a happy place!

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