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GSLRF ’08, weekend 2, day 1

May 24, 2008
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It’s the first day of three day!  Here’s to holidays!  They make me appreciate sleep all that much more.

We were invited to a couple different performer dinner thingies tonight.  It’s sort of an odd situation for us; we have a tendency to be a little a-social.  It’s not that we don’t like hanging out with people or socializing, we’re just not always the most assertive or confident in it.  Plus, we enjoy going home and relaxing after a day at work.  But anyway.

Jeanine hosted the annual barbecue for stage acts, so off to her house we did go!  It’s a nice place out in the woods, but not so far off the beaten path that it’s the boondocks.  And the spread!  Mmmmm.  A home cooked dinner… With velvet cake for dessert!  And then we sat around a little fire and chatted until it was almost bedtime.  It truly was a nice way to spend the evening.  No one was in “performance mode”, we could just exist in each others’ company and enjoy conversation.  What a feeling.

On a side note, I always misspell “dessert” on the first go.  Then I have to think about what my sister Karin told me once: “Desert has one s because it is a desert.  Dessert has two because you always want more.”  This was ages ago, but I still remember!

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