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truly, I am a fan girl

May 13, 2008

I’ve been a fan of Leo Laporte for years.  Not as long as some people, I know, but still.  Imagine my dismay when I came home from University in London that one break and there was no Leo on The Screen Savers.  In truth, there was no Screen Savers at all!!!  Sad day.

After I discovered podcasts, on a whim I searched for Leo and, lo and behold!  There were so many shows!!  One of which is called Munchcast.  It’s all about food and they often go on little tangents about Peeps.  Very little to do with tech, but it’s funny and clever and it’s nice to have an ear into a conversation between two people who are so obviously friends.

So about a month ago, I made a bold move and emailed Cammy Blackstone, co-host of Munchcast.  I told her of my days in London and the fruitless search for marshmallows.  I told her of the care package from T and the Peeps contained therein.  I told her of the sad, slow disintegration of the poor Peep.  Didn’t expect much, but I wanted to share my story and let her know that I like her show.  Mostly because I’m not brave enough to email Leo.  Although apparently he doesn’t read his email anyway.

A couple of days later, she wrote back thanking me for my letter and sharing some of her own Peep experiments.  I was thrilled, and thought that was the end of it.

Patrick and I left for St. Louis yesterday afternoon.  I’ve been storing up my Radio Leo podcasts for this long trip.  It helps keep me awake during my shifts, and makes it easier to go a little longer when necessary.
It was dark when Munchcast, epsiode 29 came on.  A mailbag episode.  They were talking about comments from people about the Easter episode and Cammy once again brought up Peeps.

Suddenly, I heard the name JoNell!

Suddenly after that, I heard my story being told!!!!

MY letter was being read on Munchcast!!!

I turned red.  I got all embarrassed.  I made squeeky noises.  Patrick played it again.  I was totally giddy.  I think I will have to keep this episode forever.  :D

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