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The Beatles and Elvis

March 28, 2008

This morning I ventured out, on my own, to Hollywood to meet up with Sher and Ruth.  They were in town so we planned to meet up for, as Sher said, “coffee”, meaning hot cocoa or some such.  We met at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Sher and I caught up a bit while Ruth bobbed from one set of footprints to another.  It was quite fun.  I still can’t get over how tiny some of those feet were.  Even in six inch stilettos I doubt I’d have been able to make such tiny toes.  Ouch.

We then walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard and chatted some more while we checked out the stars.  Some of the people we saw lining the walkway were dubious in my opinion.  I don’t quite understand how they are selected to it all, but I suppose it is neither for me to decide nor question, simply to enjoy!

It was good to see Sher.  I hope they have fun in Vegas and are able to see Elvis.

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