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FLARF ’08, Final Weekend

March 9, 2008

I am so glad the faire is done. I cannot believe how exhausted both of us are! It’s not the longest faire we do, this is not the longest trip away from home we’ve got, but man, we’re pooped! Maybe it was the vacation we took this last week, I don’t know.

Final pub sing was wonderful. Shannyn did a great job organizing the pub sings this year, and all the Limeys were so fun to watch hosting the show. They’ve developed quite the following, I think. This last one had a great variety of performers. Too many, in fact! Patrick and I were going to do a song but when we found out how tight the schedule was, we offered to cut our number. Even so, it ran so long! But the patrons didn’t seem to want to leave, so why worry!

Our shows this weekend went very well. I think both of us were pleasantly surprised with how the shows went this year as a whole. In some ways, it was like a whole new kind of audience was showing up. The kids were so ready to have fun, to play along. It was a pleasure to be there and entertain. And I like saying that.

At the end of the day, I went to get an ice cream cone. I ran into one of our princesses from earlier that day. She was so pleased to have been in the show! And so excited about the whole day. We had a nice little chat while my ice cream melted, but I didn’t mind. I love talking with the little ones who still believe.

As long as they’re around, I’ll love to do this for a job!

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