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February 26, 2008

Oh! I can’t believe I forgot!

I saw a little bird fly up into the trees while Patrick and I were talking to Xenobia on the path in front of our stage. Looking up, trying to find where it went, I found instead a little owl who could not have been much bigger than six or seven inches tall huddled on a branch. Upon further examination, we three discovered that, in fact, there were two little owls!

They were settling in for a nap, all snuggled together. So cute! I named the one on the left Samuel, and the one on the right Frances (I actually had a publisher in mind… don’t quite know why!). The did not get frightened away for all the screaming done during our shows and the hubub of 5000 (or so) students running around. I hope they return to their resting perch again!

What a blessing to be visited by two very lovely owls! I know they wanted to come home with me in my pocket, except for the fact that it was nap time. Ah, well!

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