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tynkering around new orleans

November 21, 2007

I think one of the nicest things about staying in a house with so many other performers with whom Patrick and I are friends is that it’s so much easier to actually socialize and do stuff during the week. A couple of Paul’s friends were in town visiting and, since they had never been to New Orleans, they made plans to go visit the city and gave an open invitation.

It actually ended up being a rather large group. Meeting up for the first time, at Cafe du Monde of course, proved to be a challenge what with traffic and getting lost, but everyone finally arrived and we had our coffee and doughnuts. Then it was shopping time.

One store that I’d never been to was the Idea Factory on Chartres. Everything there was made of wood. They had a tiny Noah’s Ark with 30 pairs of animals! They had a great number of those puzzle boxes too.

Lunch was at Central Grocery on Decatur for muffuletta sandwiches. Back when the Italian population was working on the docks, this was where they would come to have their lunch. The sandwiches were HUGE, the salami was wonderful, and the bathroom clean! Yay!

Dinner was at the Lazy River in the Jax Brewery shopping center near the waterfront. We initially went in for their happy hour drinks, but after a while it was just easier to eat there before we met up with the rest of the group (having separated a few hours previous). We ate fried pickles, french fries, and a chef salad. Vince and Becca shared a bread pudding dessert thing that smelled delightful, and Elijah had gumbo. How New Orelans of him. It was a nice place. Not really traditional by any sense of the imagination, but it was really nice. Our waitress was fun, the food was wonderful, and the price was right!

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