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happy birthday elizabeth

November 9, 2007

We went to New Orleans for Elizabeth’s birthday yesterday. It started off just she, Paul, and us two. After stopping at Harrah’s, we wandered around the French Quarter for a couple of hours. There was the stop at Cafe du Monde for begniets and cafe au lait (how is my memory for spelling in French, anyway?). The amount of sugar they pile on those things! Sheesh! Then we did touristy stuff for a bit, stopping at this store and that building, before heading back to Harrah’s to meet up with Shannon and Tommy.

We stayed there for a while longer, waiting for Merris to call and give us a good spot for dinner, and then we walked all the way back to the other end of Decatur and had fried chicken at a place that is famous for fried chicken! It wasn’t bad. They fried it fresh so the wait was a bit long, but it was yummy. And the fried pickles are quite… unique!

Paul rode a mechanical bull, then we walked down to Lafitte’s. There was a pianist and the only lighting was candles. What a great atmosphere! If I wasn’t so tired, I’d have been happy to stay longer! But it was almost 1am, and we wanted to get back to the house.

We walked back down Bourbon toward Canal Street and our car, stopping at a few of the clubs that were playing really good jazz and blues. We lingered in doorways for a song before moving on.

That’s what I think of when I think of New Orleans. The smooth sound of horns billowing out of doorways into the street. Where you can sit and have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the songs and the atmosphere.

Not the really bad pop music blaring so loudly your eardrums ring for hours after. Sigh.

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