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Costuming Thoughts

March 1, 2010

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a great seamstress. I wish I were; it would make my life easier. But, alas, this is not the case.

Recently, courtesy of Anne (with whom we are staying), I discovered Threads Magazine. Between my adventures in the Land of Draping and this periodical, I feel marginally more comfortable in attempting to conceptualize my next Maid Marian dress.

You know, it is tough. I close my eyes and I know exactly what I want it to look like. But ask me to verbalize or sketch it out and forget about it.

In any case, I like the magazine. There are articles that go way over my head but have pretty pictures. Then there are articles with eight or so different instructions for dealing with challenging hems. Articles at my level. Articles on topics I can use and learn from.

That is exciting to me. Maybe I can speed up my process a bit.

Maybe not. :)

What To Say…

February 26, 2010

It has been a busy week.

The highlight of it all was our visit to Butterfly World. Lou lent me his spare Canon 5D (he recently upgraded) and a beautifully fast 85mm lens. Apart from the body being so heavy (I am used to my little Rebel) and needing to get used to the different controls, it was awesome! I finally looked at the pictures today and found a great shot of a hummingbird in flight. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately (for me), the majority of my time this week was dedicated to learning Quicken. It was quite the battle, but I think I have triumphed in the end. Perhaps by the end of next week I will be ready for the next step of tax preparation. Yay.

I would rather be at the zoo.

Now, I sit here watching the Olympics and jotting down a few thoughts. It is almost bedtime and tomorrow we return to our life of making kids happy. I am not too sure what the weather will hold, but there it is.

The computer across the room has announced it is Ten O’Clock. So I sign off. Good night, internet. See you on Monday!

Run-In With a Lizard

February 22, 2010

Patrick and I came home today from our errands to find a lizard in the hallway.

It was just a little one, and from what I understand this is a normal occurrence here in Florida.

Still. It was a lizard in the hallway.

We put our stuff down and Patrick tried very slowly to catch it to put it outside.

The lizard did not agree with this plan.

It ran.

Onto my foot.

Had I not flung it off my foot in the classic There Is a Lizard on My Foot Dance, it would likely have run up my pant leg.

Patrick never actually caught the lizard, but he chased it around the house until it ran outside through the open door.

So much drama in our lives.

Mermaids Behind the Bar

February 19, 2010

This evening we were invited to see some mermaids swim.

It was actually quite a remarkable thing. Down in Fort Lauderdale at the Sheraton is The Wreck Bar. There really is not that much seating, which makes sense seeing as it is, in truth, a bar. There are fish tanks all along the walls and doubloons and sea shells embedded in the tables. The tank behind the bar itself, however, is actually the pool.

At 6:30, the three mermaids appeared. They swam back and forth, did flips, and waved and winked at us through the glass. It really was quite remarkable to see. They were in there for about half an hour. I could not believe how long they were holding their breath. But then I have a hard time opening my eyes underwater at all, so there was much that impressed me about the whole thing!

I had a great time and hopefully got a few good shots out of it. I know Patrick had a good time, too. Speaking to Jim afterward he was saying how mermaid swimming is a dying art. How in the sixties it was quite the thing to see on the tourist scene in Florida. And how there were shows like this everywhere, not just in the tropics. Fascinating stuff!

FlaRF Miami ’10, Weekend Two

January 17, 2010

Darn this weather.

Saturday was beautiful, but extremely windy. I suppose it is to be expected when you are on the beach. And I know that if the wind had stopped, it would probably have been unbearably hot (I am a wimp, I know). But sheesh. It was windy!

It was a great day though. The audience came in slow and steady all morning, and our afternoon shows were hugely attended. We had a great time. We had fun kids and crazy parents. We had them cheering and booing and laughing. That was very exciting. We were looking forward to what the next three days would hold.

Then Sunday happened. Our first show went well, we were looking forward to those afternoon shows again. Until the rain started.

It was supposed to breeze through. It was supposed to hit once and then be done with it. It was not supposed to rain on and off until shortly before closing.

Darn this weather.

We did our shows. One with finger puppets to a rather amused, bumbershooted crowd. Our last show we had enough people to do the show and then some. And even though it rained halfway through and we all got soaked (again), they stuck through it and had a great time.

What an awesome audience.

Still, darn this weather.

Beach Walks

January 15, 2010

Another nice day on the beach! Patrick and I went for a morning walk. We went north until the beach ran out. It was a little windy, but a glorious morning otherwise. Finally, the weather is more… Floridian.

On the way, we saw many of these vulture-like birds that are always circling. I am not sure that is actually what they are. They sort of have the same shape, but their heads are not as… unattractive as other vultures I have seen have. But then I saw another kind of bird of prey. I think it looked falcon-like, and Patrick thinks it may have been an Osprey. This calls for a trip to google! Or maybe I can look at some iStock photos as part of my project… Now there is an idea.

This beach is so beautiful. And to be right next to it is great. When the wind dies down a little and stops ruffling the tarp (very noisy. Bad, tarp, bad.), we can hear the ocean in the tent. And the whuffing of the horses, but that is something else that is a happy thing.

Of course, maybe part of what makes this experience so great is being right here with the people we are with. Kate and Roy are like family and I, for one, feel very safe here with them. Or little (hee…) tent is boxed in by wonderful things: Horses on one side, the beach on another, the faire site on the third, and finally the trailers and tent of the jousters. It is so cozy and happy.

This evening, we had hamburgers for dinner outside. The open air, the wind and the water, good company, good conversation. Then we crowded into Kate & Roy’s trailer and watched Two and a Half Men. What a great way to spend a Friday evening!

Just before bed, Patrick and I took a quick visit to the beach. I love being able to do that.  It is not like when my family would go camping at the beach when I was younger. A quick walk to the beach meant about a ten minute stroll. If we walk slowly it can take us a whole minute to get to the ocean.

We stood there as the water rolled in and out, looking at the stars. There are not many to be seen what with all the lights coming off Miami, and even Key Biscayne. But I saw Orion and the Little Dipper. I do not know many constellations by name, so it is nice to see ones I know.

It was a nice day.

Early Mornings and Bratwurst.

January 14, 2010

Today began with a glorious sunrise.

Patrick came back from the bathroom to tell me that there was a lovely glow over the beach. I was not quite awake yet, and grumbled a great deal. But eventually I wandered out with my camera. Patrick stayed cozy in bed at first, but he eventually joined me, too. That made me happy. I would rather share these sort of moments than not.

We continued to explore Key Biscayne, little by little, in our never-ending quest for free wi-fi. We like the restaurant we found, but today it was busy at lunch and we do not want to never go anywhere else. So we continued along the main drag, my laptop open and looking for a wireless signal that matched the name of a restaurant we passed. We finally stopped at a juice bar that actually had yummy wraps and smoothies. Although, Patrick did get us a shot of wheat grass to share. Nothing like feeling like a cow every time you burp. :P

This evening, Patrick and I had Tommy and Tom over, so to speak. We got some charcoal and some bratwurst and found a barbecue down by the playground that was vaguely clean. I should have looked for one that was both clean and shielded from the wind. I was concerned at first that the wind would prevent us from having enough flame to get the coals going. But thanks to Patrick and lighter fluid, everything turned out ok. And boy was it delicious!

The best part is knowing I can barbecue without a propane grill. It is something I have wanted to try for some time; there is something wonderful about food that has been cooked over charcoal. And now that I know I can, I want to do it again! And again! Perhaps steak or chicken next week… marinated, of course… Mmm.

Avatar Wednesday

January 13, 2010

Patrick and I finally were able to see Avatar today. We went for the IMAX 3-D version.

I, for one, really enjoyed the film. Ok, so the basic plot may not have been the most original thing ever to grace the big screen (my personal favorite interpretation is Ferngully meets Terminator). But I thought the telling of the story to be enjoyable and compelling.

And, boy, was it visually stunning!  I loved how subtle the 3-D effects were. Sure, there were the classic gimmicks that are in everything like this (floaty dandelion fluffs that almost tickle your nose…). What was impressive was the depth in every scene. It felt like we were simply on the other half of a room full of people, that the forest really would go on forever.

That was awesome.

Patrick’s Windows 7 upgrade is going to drive me crazy. … Well, let me correct. Getting his Blackberry to work as a modem with the required Verizon software on Windows 7 is going to drive me crazy. Everything else seems to be working so well as of yet. Better than so well, in fact.

Why can’t this?!

Argh. I will try again in the morning. See how that goes.

Sushi Tuesday

January 12, 2010

Today, we finally did what Patrick has been waiting to do since we last left Florida: Go to Kyojin for lunch.

Kyojin is a haven for sushi lovers. Their lunch buffet is $10 and they have quite the selection of sushi. And, for the non-sushi eater in the group (that would be me), they have really nice pot stickers, excellent spring rolls, and a small mongolian grill that gives me a happy tongue. We went today to the Boca Raton location with the Jousters and had a marvelous time. I think, perhaps, next week we will renew Sushi Monday and go to the one we saw in South Miami.

It was Windows 7 installation day, too! I have never done a clean install of an operating system and was quite nervous about whether we properly backed up the key files (namely Patrick’s email). But it worked! Hooray!

In order to complete the install, we had to find some internet and power. We have power at the tent, but no internet. In the process, we found a new place to eat! It is called 100% Natural Restaurant, has vaguely Mexican flavors, and incredibly affordable prices! I think we have found our new favorite restaurant.

But they are about to close… so I must wrap up. I sigh a happy sigh.

Things are Heating Up

January 11, 2010

It was so nice to get out of bed and not shiver. Patrick was convinced that it would be cold but, while it was not precisely warm, it was not terrible.

Monday is Laundry Day; not quite as exciting as Sushi Monday with friends. We could probably have held off until tomorrow had we not dirty clothes left over from before we flew out after Louisiana. Ah, well. That is what happens when you wear things, right?

We had a run-in with a lizard this afternoon. Well, not so much a run-in as it was an encounter. And maybe even that is too strong a term. Ok, we saw a lizard. Patrick saw him first, then made sure to point him out to me. I was happy to have had my camera with me!

He was actually rather large for a lizard to be found in the parking lot of a laundromat, but considering he looked like a tiny crocodile I would say he is a lizard of a little size. I looked online for what kind of lizard he might be and came up fruitless. Perhaps someone who watches my smugmug will let me know what kind of lizard he is…